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Anime Recommendations?
  thumbz555, Jan 21 2013

Just finished Death Note and loved it; hoping to find something at the same level. Any suggestions? Started Full Metal Alchemist, but seems very childish by comparison...

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Game of Thrones Beer!!!
  thumbz555, Dec 19 2012

So excited right now. Besides the obvious beer inspired by an awesome series, it's Ommegang brewery! For those of you that enjoy microbrews and haven't tried it, it's time to hit up your nearest BevMo... Unfortunately they're about $16/22oz...

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Grad School Cheating
  thumbz555, Jan 17 2012

I'm in graduate school for physical therapy (doctor of pt program), caught an acquaintance of mine cheating on our last exam. Our faculty is very trusting (to a fault, apparently). Long story short, + Show Spoiler +

100% dude was cheating. He then has the audacity to say "easy exam" to my friend and I afterward. So what do you do?

additional background info, if u need it
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update: program is competitive, clinical rotations are done by lottery, with the highest GPA's being most likely to get their top choice. Additionally, there are competitive clinical sites which require you to be in the top 5% of your class in order to apply/attend.
Poll: Game plan?
(Vote): Let it go.
(Vote): Go to the instructor.
(Vote): Call dude out.
(Vote): Other.

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